Security Cup

Material: Polyethylene
Design style: Locking cap
Sterile: Non Available
Packaging: Bags
  • U.S.P. Class VII
  • Medical grade resin
  • Piercable caps
  • Wrench available


  • Convenient - caps thread and lock into place.
  • Safe - caps can't be opening once closed with wrench.
  • Secure-thick walls prevent loss of sample from breakage or dropping.
  • Non reative polyethylene resin.

General Information

Security Containers are designed to provide secure and reliable tamper-proof seals for specimens in transit or storage. After specimen collection the screw cap is tightened first by hand, then by the special wrench, which engages teeth on the lid's rim to create a locked and leakproof seals.

To access the specimen for testing procedures, large or small sample spouts may be cut with scissors or pierced with a syringe. Spouts can be resealed with the large or small plugs, and returned to storage for further testing.

The impact-resistant, durably constructed, and pressure-resistant seal offers excellent protection during handling and transport. Container shape and size make them safe for use with pneumatic tube systems.

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