P-Splitter II

Material: Polyethylene
Design style: 24 Hour Collection
Sterile: Non Available
Packaging: Kit packs
  • U.S.P. Class VII
  • Medical grade resin
  • Chemically inert
  • Out Patient labeled


  • Faster - two collections can occur in the time it takes for one with ordinary urine containers.
  • Safe - easy for patients to use.
  • Secure-thick walls prevent loss of sample from breakage or dropping.
  • Polyethylene amber jugs protect urine from UV damage.

General Information

P-Splitter II™ from Helena Plastics improves on an already great product. The new 2 liter keyed bottles are much more stable than our previous model and with their keyed sides they now stay firmly oriented and locked together.

P-Splitter II Solves an Old Problem

This occurs when more than one assay is needed for a single 24 hour urine sample and the assays require different preparations or preservatives. Unlike the usual method of collecting samples over two days the P-Splitter II™ lets you reduce the time it takes to collect samples and speeds the diagnosis and treatment process.

P-Splitter II is Convenient

Understanding and using P-Splitter II is convenient for patients. And since their treatment can begin a full day earlier you assure better care.


P-Splitter II is provided with everything you need to collect a 24 hour sample. You save staff time since labels, packaging and transport accessories are provided in a neat assembly. Since P-Splitter™II is perfect for outpatient use you don't need to ensure compliance by admission.

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